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Streamlined eviction process, tailored to Florida laws, ensuring legal compliance and peace of mind from start to finish.

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Who is this for?

Tenants Not Paying Rent

Eviction filing services are essential for landlords dealing with tenants who consistently fail to pay rent on time or have stopped paying altogether.

Breach of Lease Agreement

Landlords facing tenants who have violated lease terms, such as subletting without permission, keeping unauthorized pets, or causing significant property damage.

Illegal Activities on the Property

When a landlord discovers that a tenant is conducting illegal activities on the property, such as drug manufacturing or distribution, eviction filing services can expedite the process.

Lease Expiration

Landlords may need to file for eviction when a lease expires and the tenant refuses to vacate the property.

Consistently Disruptive Tenants

Landlords with tenants who consistently violate noise ordinances or engage in disruptive behavior that negatively affects neighbors or the property's community.

Property Damage

Landlords dealing with tenants who have caused significant damage to the rental property beyond normal wear and tear.

Why choose us?

Legal Expertise and Guidance

Eviction laws vary significantly by jurisdiction and are subject to change. We are fully up to date on these laws, ensuring that landlords comply with all legal requirements, which can reduce the risk of delays or the dismissal of the eviction case.

Our services prepare and file all necessary legal documents on the landlord's behalf, ensuring accuracy and completeness, which is critical in legal proceedings.

Time Savings

Handling an eviction can be time-consuming, involving court filings, serving notices, and potentially attending hearings. We will streamline this process, allowing landlords to focus on their businesses or other priorities.

Our expertise and familiarity with the eviction process can expedite the timeline, helping landlords regain possession of their property faster than if they navigated the process independently.

Compliance Assurance

Incorrectly filed paperwork or failure to follow specific legal procedures can invalidate an eviction attempt. Our service ensures that every step is correctly executed according to local laws, reducing the risk of legal challenges from tenants.

This can be especially useful during periods of changing legislation, such as those seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minimizing Financial Loss

The faster an eviction is resolved, the sooner a landlord can find a new tenant and restore rental income. By expediting the eviction process, we help minimize the period a property remains unoccupied.

While there's a cost to our eviction filing services, the efficiency and effectiveness can ultimately save money by avoiding prolonged or repeated court filings due to procedural errors.

How it works

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What exactly does an eviction filing service do?

An eviction filing service manages the eviction process on your behalf, from drafting and serving the necessary legal notices to filing the eviction lawsuit with the court. We ensure all steps are compliant with state laws, significantly reducing the burden on you and increasing the likelihood of a successful eviction.

Costs vary depending on the complexity of the eviction case and the services you require. However, our services include a flat fee of $535 for drafting and filing the eviction with the courts, with an additional $60 cost for serving the 3-day notice.

The timeline can vary based on several factors, including the tenant's response to the eviction notice and the court's schedule. In Florida, a straightforward eviction case where the tenant does not contest the eviction can take approximately 4-5 weeks from serving the notice to reclaiming the property.

If the tenant disputes the eviction, the case will go to court, and a judge will hear both sides before making a decision. Our service DOES NOT include representing you in court. We have excellent Attorney referrals that we will provide you and we will continue to be available for any other questions you may have.

We handle evictions for a range of reasons, including non-payment of rent, violation of lease terms, damage to the property, and illegal activities conducted on the premises. We tailor our approach based on the specific grounds for eviction to ensure compliance with Florida law.

Yes, you will provide all relevant documentation, including the lease agreement. If there is not a current lease or only a verbal lease, we can still move forward with the eviction process.

Once the eviction is successful and the tenant has vacated the property, we can assist you in the process of reclaiming your property, including advising on changing locks and conducting a final property inspection. We can also provide guidance on renovations, re-renting or even selling the property.

1. No Practice of Law

This is a non-attorney service dedicated to helping people file low cost evictions. We cannot tell you how to testify in court, and cannot represent you in court. If your case is contested, we have excellent Attorney referrals.

We are only authorized to assist you by completing forms with the information you supply and to assist you with information on the filing of such forms in the proper manner.

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